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Our Work

Our mission is to help good humans, and their businesses, reach their full potential by providing customized, goal-oriented, and original marketing, design, and public relations services. Therefore each client is purposefully handpicked not just based on their success and potential, but also for their desire to create positive change. Below are a few highlights that we are extremely proud of. 

Humanist Beauty

Humanist Beauty

Overview: Humanist Beauty is a woman-minority-founded, certified B-corp, vegan skincare line by Jennifer Norman.


Why we love working with them: Commitment to diversity, Women empowerment, Environmentally sustainable practices. 

Scope: Full production, Photoshoot, Videoshoot for a social media campaign.  

Category: Skincare, CBD 

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OverviewUpkeep is a new woman-founded app that allows consumers to directly book Medical Aesthetics procedures through their platform.

Why we love working with them: Woman Founder, Commitment to diversity, LGBTQ Ally. 

Scope: PR Launch Campaign, Marketing Consultation 

Category: Tech, Beauty 

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Grisly's Cosmic Black 

Overview: Grisly’s Cosmic Black Ready To Drink Cocktail is a zero-sugar, low-calorie, low-carb whiskey and cola “pop and pour” cocktail that is distinctive, intensely flavorful, and fun.


Why we love working with them: Commitment to diversity, LGBTQ Ally. 

Scope: Public Relations

Category: RTD, Wine & Spirits  

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Grisley's Cosmic

Capitola Garden Feast

OverviewCapitola Garden Feast is a luxury hospitality service local to Silicon Valley and the greater vicinity of the San Francisco Bay Area. It specializes in offering experiences of exceptional quality. 

Why we love working with them: Commitment to equity. 

Scope: Branding, Website Redesign

Category: Food & Beverages 

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Capitola Garden Feast

Diamond Infrastructure Development, Inc. 

Overview: Diamond Infrastructure Development is a multifaceted, multi-skilled, diverse combination of individuals who seek to bring healing to the planet through revolutionizing energy production using hydropower. 

Why we love working with them: Commitment to saving the planet

Scope: PR Campaign, LinkedIn Management, Content Creation

Category: Green Tech

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Diamond Infrastructure Development, Inc. 
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