Paid Social Case Study

Decreasing acquisition costs by diversifying the sales funnel
Website Traffic
Decreased Acquisition Costs

The story

We were approached to find ways to improve the current sales funnel of an online retail store for a fashion brand. The existing sales funnel was composed of direct-to-user sales ads as well as retargeting ads for people who had visited the website.

We recognized an opportunity to enhance their retargeting pool with a larger audience, and proposed a new traffic campaign to identify intent behind a specific interest in high fashion, particularly high heels without major increases in budget.

We crafted a series of compelling ads designed to drive quality traffic to their website. The results were undeniable – we drove 84% more traffic, broadened the retargeting pool, and created a diverse and efficient sales funnel. This shift in strategy led to substantial cost-effectiveness, reducing the client’s customer acquisition costs by 25% with a budget increase of only 1.5%.

Our strategic intervention not only amplified their brand visibility and consumer engagement, but also significantly improved their ad spend efficiency.

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