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Our story

We believe in great products and big ideas -

But if nobody ever hears about them, how will they change the world?

Getting the word out by networking and posting on social platforms can be a money pit if it’s not set up correctly. Setting up elaborate marketing funnels requires constant monitoring and optimizing. Developing and testing new creatives and copy requires an intricate infrastructure.

What's needed is a team that understands your brand's potential. At de Castellane Creative, we craft your brand's story, position it in front of the right audience to maximize awareness, and build out a marketing funnel that effectively converts awareness into customers. By working closely with a select group of clients, we ensure the highest level of attention, dedication, and impact, transforming your brand and making a difference in the world.

Get the attention you deserve

We pride ourselves on empowering business owners to concentrate on their strengths. Our strategic approach ensures that we deliver results efficiently and effectively, without compromising quality or service. Over the past year, our collaboration our clients has driven significant growth across the board:

100 M
Media impressions
Combined new users/customers
Revenue growth from paid sources
Increase in organic search traffic
Our vision

We strive to empower brands that value profits and progress

By collaborating with brands who want success while prioritizing people and planet, our collective vision blurs the boundaries between success and social responsibility - a powerful force for long term growth.


Working with sustainably-minded businesses encourages sustainable practices such as reducing waste, conserving resources, and using more energy from renewable sources. As our world changes, we strive to help support it.

Social responsibility

Companies that prioritize social responsibility are making a conscious effort to contribute positively to their local communities and the environment. By working with these businesses, we encourage positive change while creating lasting value.

Employee engagement

Working with businesses that prioritize high employee engagement helps ensure that their teams are motivated and inspired to do their best work. This leads to greater productivity, creativity, and innovation - which benefits everyone involved.

Our marketing partners


Daniel de Castellane

Renowned for his inventive marketing strategies and dedication to social and environmental causes. With a unique background in Clinical Psychology and Consumer Neuroscience, Daniel brings unparalleled skills and knowledge to his clients. 

As a staunch LGBTQ advocate, he supports organizations that make a difference and leads with a visionary approach that leaves a lasting impact.


Aaron Harris

A strategic mastermind with a proven track record of driving success and growth for businesses of all sizes.

As Interim Director of Business Development, Aaron combines his deep understanding of data with his keen analytical skills to deliver transformative solutions for clients.

Director of Marketing

Jordan Schultz

A visionary marketer with a passion for helping business owners reach their next level of success through strategic digital marketing. With a focus on analytics and data, Jordan delivers tailor-made solutions that set his clients apart.

Director of Entertainment

Keri Ann Kimball

An innovative executive with exceptional business acumen and creative instincts. Keri has over 20 years of experience producing film and TV projects, working with celebrities, new talent, and production companies domestically and internationally.

Here's what our clients have to say about us

"de Castellane Creative's outstanding work on our ads not only captured our brand vision but also fueled remarkable revenue growth. "

Candace Chen

Founder, Protégé Footwear

"You really made us look great, truly appreciate it more than you know!"

Wendy Wilcox

President, House of Core

"dCC's creativity and ingenuity were truly remarkable, capturing our brand's essence and driving recognition and growth."

Eric Trueheart

Co-Founder, Black Yeti Beverage

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