Attention amplified: the de Castellane Creative chronicles

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Public Relations

Borrow These Marketing Strategies from Barbie's Hollywood Hit

Explore the marketing genius behind Barbie's Hollywood success and discover actionable strategies to elevate your brand's marketing efforts.
Public Relations

Seven PR Secrets Every Small Business Owner Should Know

Take your PR strategy to the next level by learning how to increase visibility, create stronger connections, and drive sustainable growth.

The Power of Second-Guessing: A New Perspective on Consumer Decision-Making

Explore the intriguing psychology of second-guessing in consumer decision-making and discover actionable strategies to leverage this behavior for effective marketing and PR.

How To Use AI in Marketing: The Top Trend for 2023

AI has emerged as the top trend in marketing. But what exactly is operational AI, and how can it transform your marketing efforts? Let's dive in.

The Future of E-commerce: A Strategic Guide to Leveraging Online Shopping Events in 2023

Understanding online shopping events is crucial for brands that sell online. Let's explore how to leverage them and shape your e-commerce strategy in 2023.

Why Customer Loyalty Should Be The #1 Priority For Your Business

A recent article from Forbes Communications Council underscores this point, emphasizing the importance of building a relationship with customers based on every interaction they have with your brand.

How to Go Viral According to Science

You know what it looks like to go viral, but how does that happen? We explored the science behind it by looking at recent studies from top universities to understand the factors at play in virality on social media.

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