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Create digital experiences that fuse art and technology to captivate and convert

At de Castellane Creative, we don’t just build websites. We engineer digital masterpieces that encapsulate your brand’s essence, powered by psychological insights and fine-tuned to stimulate customer engagement. Leveraging UX/UI principles and conversion-oriented design, we architect your eCommerce store to inspire, engage, and convert.

UX/UI Design

Webflow Specialists

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Conversion Rate Optimization

UX/UI Design

Webflow Specialists

Shopify Partner

Conversion Rate Optimization

How we use Web Design & Development to help your brand

The digital realm is a complex tapestry of perceptions, behaviors, and expectations. At dCC, we weave this tapestry with precision, creativity, and strategic insight to sculpt your eCommerce platform. Our approach is underpinned by three foundational pillars: deep understanding, creative execution, and strategic optimization.

Empathetic Understanding

Our journey begins with a deep-dive into your brand ethos, goals, and future vision. We explore the psychology of your target audience, identifying their needs, motivations, and online behaviors. This empathetic understanding is crucial for creating a digital experience that resonates and engages.

Creative Execution

Armed with these insights, we transform your digital presence. Our expert designers weave UX/UI principles with your brand aesthetics to create a visually compelling, user-centric eCommerce store. We prioritize seamless navigation, intuitive design, and a psychologically optimized conversion funnel to guide your customers from curiosity to purchase.

SEO & Website Roadmap:

We ensure your site isn’t just beautiful but also visible. We curate an SEO-informed website strategy, encompassing on-page and off-page SEO elements. From crafting an SEO-friendly site structure and keyword strategy to configuring your Google Analytics and Search Console, we optimize your site to rank and shine.

Content Strategy:

Effective eCommerce is not just about selling products, but telling a story. We offer structured content recommendations, incorporating keywords and language optimized for search performance. While we provide the blueprint, the final copy is crafted by you, ensuring the authenticity of your brand voice.

Strategic Optimization

A website is a living entity, requiring ongoing nurturing and refinement. We regularly optimize your site, keeping it aligned with evolving audience expectations and digital trends.

At de Castellane Creative, we don’t just create websites; we shape digital experiences that foster connection, drive conversion, and propel your eCommerce growth. Let’s redefine your digital narrative together.

Web Design & Development and the Customer Journey

How does Web Design & Development fit into the customer journey?

Your website is often the first touchpoint in your customer’s journey, shaping their initial perceptions and setting the tone for future interactions. An optimized, well-designed website facilitates a seamless exploration and purchase journey, fostering customer satisfaction and loyalty. By strategically placing content and designing conversion funnels, we guide your customers from awareness to purchase, and further into advocacy, driving sustained growth for your brand.

An intuitive and visually stunning website grabs the attention of potential customers, raising initial awareness about your brand.
Detailed product pages, clear calls-to-action, and seamless navigation aid the customer's research and consideration process.
A secure, user-friendly checkout process reduces barriers to purchase, leading to higher conversion rates.
Consistent website updates, fresh content, and improved features keep customers coming back, enhancing customer retention.
A delightful website experience paired with smooth customer interactions prompt satisfied customers to advocate for your brand in their network.

SEO & Website Success Story

Creating a surge in organic traffic for a beauty brand
Organic search traffic
Non-branded keywords ranking

Our attention-to-action approach

Get (the right) attention with smart PR

Goodbye "spray & pray". Hello publicity with precision. We craft your story & get it into the specific media channels your target audience already engages with. This way, you get the right attention from the right people, every time.

Turn the curious into customers

Not only do we generate interest in your brand, we then feed it into your tailor-made customer journey pipeline, which turns awareness into action.

Turn customers into community

Retain. Nurture. Grow. We cultivate your community with full-service digital marketing so you can consistently campaign, convert, and expand.

Our niche?

We work with brands that care about people & planet.

Because when they win, we all do. In the past year, we've helped our clients achieve meaningful growth:

Technology brand

Amplifying an app launch through strategic public relations & media engagement

Single-day App Download Spike
Influencer Collaborations

See how we did it

Beauty brand

Launching an appointment booking app with a diverse ads strategy

National Ad Reach
Regional Downloads

See how we did it

Fashion brand

Decreasing acquisition costs by diversifying the sales funnel

Website Traffic
Decreased Acquisition Costs

See how we did it

Fashion brand

Driving incremental revenue growth by decreasing cart abandonment

Incremental Revenue
Abandoned Cart Rate

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