Search Engine Optimization Service

Harness the power of search and maximize your brand's visibility and impact

In a world where curiosity is satisfied by a simple search, your brand’s presence in the search results is more crucial than ever. SEO is your lifeline in the ocean of information, ensuring that when your audience seeks answers, your brand is there to guide them.

Keyword Research

Content Optimization

Competitive Analysis

Search Engine Ranking

Keyword Research

Content Optimization

Competitive Analysis

Search Engine Ranking

How we use Search Engine Optimization to help your brand

At dCC, we view SEO as an intricate dance with algorithms, users, and content. It’s not merely about visibility, but about creating a connection, fostering trust, and positioning your brand as the definitive source in your field.

  • Initial Audit: We commence with a thorough audit of your SEO performance, unearthing your website’s strengths and weaknesses. Understanding where you are sets the stage for where we’re heading.
  • Meticulous Research: We dive deep into keyword, trend, and competitor analysis, extracting valuable insights that fuel our strategic actions. We use data to anticipate what your audience seeks, ensuring you’re their answer.
  • Holistic SEO: Our optimization strategy encompasses both on-page and off-page elements. From weaving potent keywords into your content to fostering robust backlinks, we enhance every aspect of your digital presence.
  • Persistent Refinement: SEO is an evolving landscape, and we are its seasoned navigators. We monitor, adjust, and refine our strategy continuously, ensuring you remain the beacon amidst shifting tides.

Search Engine Optimization and the Customer Journey

How does Search Engine Optimization fit into the customer journey?

SEO, when done right, has the power to guide your audience through their journey with your brand.

At dCC, our approach to SEO isn’t about merely achieving high search rankings; it’s about creating meaningful intersections between your brand and your audience. When your brand grows, it signals the success of our mission—making your brand’s essence felt in every search result.

We leverage strategic keyword optimization to ensure your brand is discovered when potential customers embark on their online exploration.
We position your brand as a reliable resource, providing valuable, authoritative content that nudges their decision in your favor.
With an optimized user experience on your website, we smooth the path from discovery to purchase, minimizing cart abandonment and bolstering your sales.
We keep your website’s performance and usability in top shape, promoting customer satisfaction, repeat purchases, and brand loyalty.
As your brand becomes a trusted ally, satisfied customers turn into advocates, generating organic traffic and fostering brand growth.

SEO & Website Success Story

Creating a surge in organic traffic for a beauty brand
Organic search traffic
Non-branded keywords ranking

Our attention-to-action approach

Get (the right) attention with smart PR

Goodbye "spray & pray". Hello publicity with precision. We craft your story & get it into the specific media channels your target audience already engages with. This way, you get the right attention from the right people, every time.

Turn the curious into customers

Not only do we generate interest in your brand, we then feed it into your tailor-made customer journey pipeline, which turns awareness into action.

Turn customers into community

Retain. Nurture. Grow. We cultivate your community with full-service digital marketing so you can consistently campaign, convert, and expand.

Our niche?

We work with brands that care about people & planet.

Because when they win, we all do. In the past year, we've helped our clients achieve meaningful growth:

Technology brand

Amplifying an app launch through strategic public relations & media engagement

Single-day App Download Spike
Influencer Collaborations

See how we did it

Beauty brand

Launching an appointment booking app with a diverse ads strategy

National Ad Reach
Regional Downloads

See how we did it

Fashion brand

Decreasing acquisition costs by diversifying the sales funnel

Website Traffic
Decreased Acquisition Costs

See how we did it

Fashion brand

Driving incremental revenue growth by decreasing cart abandonment

Incremental Revenue
Abandoned Cart Rate

See how we did it


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