Paid Search Service

Capture traffic at their highest point of intent to drive brand growth

Unearth the untapped potential of search. With Paid Search, we strategically place your brand in the direct line of sight of users actively seeking what you offer. It’s not just about visibility, but about connecting your solutions to their queries at the perfect time.

Google Search Ads

Shopping Ads

Competitor Campaigns

Google Performance Max Ads

Google Search Ads

Shopping Ads

Competitor Campaigns

Google Performance Max Ads

How we use Paid Search to help your brand

At dCC, we approach Paid Search with a blend of creativity, data-driven strategy, and a deep understanding of consumer psychology. Our framework ensures you send the right messages and deliver the right content based on the intent indicated by their search terms.

  • Competitor Campaigns: By placing your brand next to industry competitors, we harness the power of comparison to highlight your unique value propositions.
  • Research & Information Campaigns: We ensure your brand is present when users seek industry-related knowledge, positioning you as a valuable and reliable resource.
  • High Purchase Intent Campaigns: Harnessing the power of timing, we connect your solutions to users demonstrating a high intent to purchase, streamlining their decision-making process.
  • Brand Related Campaigns: We protect and amplify your brand’s visibility to those searching for you, ensuring your audience connects with you and not with competitors.

Our campaigns are not set-and-forget; we continuously refine our approach based on rigorous A/B testing and evolving market trends. This way, we guarantee optimal results, improving your conversion rates, and maximizing your return on investment.

Paid Search and the Customer Journey

How does Paid Search fit into the customer journey?

Paid Search is about bridging the gap between your audience’s questions and your solutions.

At dCC, Paid Search is an art and a science, combining strategic creativity with in-depth analytics to achieve your goals. It’s about more than just clicks; it’s about crafting meaningful connections that drive results. Your brand’s growth is not just our goal; it’s our success metric.

Through strategic keyword targeting, we ensure your brand surfaces when potential customers seek industry-related knowledge, creating an initial connection.
We position you favorably against your competitors, using compelling copy to address unique pain points and nudge your audience closer to a decision.
By aligning your solutions to high-intent queries, we reduce friction in the decision-making process, driving conversions and boosting your sales.
We safeguard your brand image for those searching for you specifically, ensuring you remain their preferred choice and promoting repeat purchases.
As your brand becomes synonymous with value and reliability, satisfied customers transform into brand advocates, further increasing your visibility and reach.

Paid Media & Email Success Story

Revenue growth through paid and owned channels
Gross Sales
Revenue Increase Attributed to Email

Our attention-to-action approach

Get (the right) attention with smart PR

Goodbye "spray & pray". Hello publicity with precision. We craft your story & get it into the specific media channels your target audience already engages with. This way, you get the right attention from the right people, every time.

Turn the curious into customers

Not only do we generate interest in your brand, we then feed it into your tailor-made customer journey pipeline, which turns awareness into action.

Turn customers into community

Retain. Nurture. Grow. We cultivate your community with full-service digital marketing so you can consistently campaign, convert, and expand.

Our niche?

We work with brands that care about people & planet.

Because when they win, we all do. In the past year, we've helped our clients achieve meaningful growth:

Technology brand

Amplifying an app launch through strategic public relations & media engagement

Single-day App Download Spike
Influencer Collaborations

See how we did it

Beauty brand

Launching an appointment booking app with a diverse ads strategy

National Ad Reach
Regional Downloads

See how we did it

Fashion brand

Decreasing acquisition costs by diversifying the sales funnel

Website Traffic
Decreased Acquisition Costs

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Fashion brand

Driving incremental revenue growth by decreasing cart abandonment

Incremental Revenue
Abandoned Cart Rate

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