Email Marketing Service

Engage, convert, and retain through personalized connections in the inbox

In an era of digital noise, your eCommerce brand needs a channel to connect directly and personally with your customers. Email marketing is that channel, acting as a potent tool in your arsenal to foster customer loyalty, promote products, offer promotions, and grow your business.

Automated Flows

List Management

Customer Retention

Segmented Campaigns

Automated Flows

List Management

Customer Retention

Segmented Campaigns

How we use Email Marketing to help your brand

At dCC, we take a holistic approach to email marketing. We're not just sending emails, we're fostering relationships and building steadfast customer loyalty. We start with three targeted email series, each triggered by different customer behaviors that indicate interest at different stages of their journey with your brand.

  1. Welcome series to warm up potential customers and introduce them to your brand
  2. Abandoned Cart series to address hesitations and provide the necessary nudge to complete the purchase
  3. First-time Buyer series to educate, request reviews, and incentivize future orders

Each email series is crafted to deliver value, engage your audience, and ultimately turn curiosity into purchase and customers into brand advocates.

Email Marketing and the Customer Journey

How does Email Marketing fit into the customer journey?

Email marketing is a powerful instrument that resonates at each stage of your customer journey.

By merging creative strategies with best practices, we help you unlock the immense potential of email marketing, fostering sustainable growth at little cost - driving impressive returns for your eCommerce brand.

We create introductory emails to make a compelling first impression, showcasing your brand ethos and product offerings right where it matters—in your customers’ inbox.
We build emails that resonate—showcasing personalized product recommendations, enticing promotional offers, and value-rich content, keeping your brand at the forefront as customers evaluate their choices.
Cart abandonment? Not on our watch. We employ strategic email prompts to transform consideration into conversion, driving your customers to complete their purchases.
Beyond the purchase, our emails focus on nurturing customer relationships—offering support, soliciting feedback, and sharing exclusive offers to encourage repeat purchases.
By consistently delivering value and maintaining connection, we aim to transform loyal customers into enthusiastic brand advocates, sharing their positive experiences and recommendations with others.

Paid Media & Email Success Story

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Revenue Increase Attributed to Email

Our attention-to-action approach

Get (the right) attention with smart PR

Goodbye "spray & pray". Hello publicity with precision. We craft your story & get it into the specific media channels your target audience already engages with. This way, you get the right attention from the right people, every time.

Turn the curious into customers

Not only do we generate interest in your brand, we then feed it into your tailor-made customer journey pipeline, which turns awareness into action.

Turn customers into community

Retain. Nurture. Grow. We cultivate your community with full-service digital marketing so you can consistently campaign, convert, and expand.

Our niche?

We work with brands that care about people & planet.

Because when they win, we all do. In the past year, we've helped our clients achieve meaningful growth:

Technology brand

Amplifying an app launch through strategic public relations & media engagement

Single-day App Download Spike
Influencer Collaborations

See how we did it

Beauty brand

Launching an appointment booking app with a diverse ads strategy

National Ad Reach
Regional Downloads

See how we did it

Fashion brand

Decreasing acquisition costs by diversifying the sales funnel

Website Traffic
Decreased Acquisition Costs

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Fashion brand

Driving incremental revenue growth by decreasing cart abandonment

Incremental Revenue
Abandoned Cart Rate

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